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Beginning July 1, 2023, Connecticut’s twelve community colleges are unifying into a single institution – CT State Community College. With new streamlined processes, you will have access to academic programs and offerings and student services across the entire state of Connecticut, while still having a “home campus” from which you will receive local services and support.

  • Current Students

    With the launch of CT State on July 1, you may have some questions about how you will be affected. Here is what you need to know:

    • CT State will be a state-wide community college serving students on the 12 campuses – along with satellite locations - that currently exist today. You can continue to receive guidance and services on the campus where you currently take classes, and graduate from there, as well. That’s why we want to confirm your “home campus” in our new student information system.
    • You do not have to re-apply to CT State; your student records, including your transcript and your GPA, will be transferred to the new college.
    • Faculty from across the state have been working on consolidating academic degrees and certificates that are offered in more than one location. If you plan to continue your coursework in fall 2023, Guided Pathways Advisors will be able to help you determine the best path to completion of your curriculum.
    • In CT State, you will be matched with the program of study that most closely aligns with the program you are enrolled in during spring 2023. Later this spring, you will be asked to confirm your program of study at the home campus you verified.
    • If you have credits from other places – another Connecticut community college or another college or university – and you want them as part of your new CT State student record, consider transferring those credits at your earliest convenience. Your local One Stop Enrollment Services Center can assist with the process.
    • Your transcript – whether from one of the 12 community colleges or from CT State – will remain available to you throughout your lifetime. You will be able to access your transcript(s) to pursue further education, job applications or other purposes, most transcripts will be available electronically.
  • New Students

    Depending on when you apply for the fall 2023 semester at CT State, you may be asked to confirm your home campus and program of study. As CT State transitions to its consolidated student information system, we want to be sure that your educational records and intentions are transferred correctly.

    • If you have credits from other places – another Connecticut community college or another college or university – and you want them as part of your CT State student record, please work with your local Registrar’s office to transfer them at your earliest convenience. If you decide later to transfer your credits, your Guided Pathways Advisor (who will be assigned to you at the start of the semester) or the Registrar’ office staff can help you.
    • You will follow the curriculum in the CT State catalog for the program you selected when you applied. If you decide to change your major, your Guided Pathways Advisor can assist you.
    • Your degree or certificate will be granted by CT State.
    • You will be able to take classes at any of the 12 campuses – and online.
    • Your financial aid records and your Guided Pathways Advisor will be housed at your home campus, but you can still access the offerings of the other 11 locations – the library, events, clubs, and so much more.

    New Students


Nowhere else in the US has such an ambitious revisioning of higher education taken place. At the same time, it is important that the transition from our twelve colleges to one statewide college be as seamless for our students – both new and current – as possible. If you would like to read more about the vision and plan for CT State, go to Becoming CT State.